by VasX

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once completed the Full track will be uploaded to Youtube


released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


VasX San Marcos, Texas

An Experimental Metal band from San marcos Texas
as lead by Trey

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Track Name: Part I: The Prolouge
The Year is 2033.

The H Plague has claimed %58 of the entire worlds population in a short 5 months. Mankind is on it's final leg as our options are running out. The Machines built to keep the disease out are turning on their creators, Trapping them and the city inside the walls. With no chance of escape the city is plunged into Crime and Poverty as resources grow scarce.

We are here to follow the death of one man, Mordecai.
Mordecai was a test subject for the government, testing new drugs and having to have experiments conducted upon him. He hated his job, he hated his life, he hated himself. But he felt it necessary that he have this job as he could potentially save thousands of lives. But day after day his need to test was growing dim. Never once has he saved somebody, and he knew it.

Morde wasn't all that happy throughout his childhood, in fact not at all. His father was never around, seeing as he died of cancer before his son was born. His mother was a drunk, rarely ever showing affection to her son, and rarely ever being awake or sober. Mordecai never had friends, he didn't see much need for friends, nor was he ever any well in school. Mordecai did not hate the world, he hated himself.

As Mordecai arrives home one night after a long day of testing he walks into his bathroom and grabs a bottle of medicine. His life and everything he's ever stood for has grown boring and meaningless to Mordecai.

The bottle read "Valium". he opens the bottle and pours its contents into his hand.
Track Name: Part II: The Disease
This Disease
of nonconforming
Articulate madness
our Strings; our inner self
Manipulated and pulled
Aen;A Fracture
a Crack in the Seams
a Tectonic eruption of

Motioning forward
no cost to the soul
the common man
the common fool
the common tool

Inner being
subconcious though
By Indecision
Track Name: Part III: The Consumption
A Perfect pawn in the corprerate
plan for anihilation
Based on previous experiments
witch lead to financial growth


incantation; Explanation
Increased pressure; Love injector
Body movements; Dispossition
Cut inside you; Deep insicion
Track Name: Part IV: The Overdose
Mordecai takes the hand full of pills and examines it. There are at least 20 pills in his palm. He feels nervous about his decision , but he knows that he can't carry the burdens of this new reality forever, He knows he can't cope with the fear of his own safety for much longer.

He swallows the pills.

After 5 minutes Mordecai's entire body goes numb and he falls to the floor. he lays there and stares at the sink, his vision growing blurry and dark.

He closes his eyes and drifts off.

He awakens in a white space, nothing in sight is visible. He stands up and starts to move around the empty white area. He walks, and he walks for what feels like hours, still nothing but white.

He is then stopped by a voice greeting him
"Welcome" the mysterious voice says
a strange figure then appears in front of Mordecai.
"i am here to introduce you to your own decision, the gravity of your actions is not apparent yet, but soon you will understand"

"What are you talking about?! Who are you?! Were am i!!" Shouts Mordecai
"You're home" whispers the figure
"Testing has drove you over the edge Mordecai, you've grown angry at the world for showing you no affection, you're angry at no body ever showing you affection. Before we can proceed you must feel relaxed. Lets release some of that anger."

Mordecai is standing in his Facility.
Fury rushing through his veins
Track Name: Part V: The Symptoms
Aen; 12 hours of pure adrenaline
Aen; The urge to murder, just to have blood on your hands
Aen; All these corrupt souls that we have bent
Aen; Pulsating till the end

Aen; The Systematic bore
Aen; The fury to cut them all down to the floor
Aen; 3 letters bring visions of pain and death
Aen; Accept the end
Track Name: Part VIII: The Nihility
A Chance
A New Lifeform
Brought about Catastrophe
An Organism
The Void
Bring their broken torn bodies


aether wing, endless bliss
one last chance, will you end
nebula, soul released
edge of life, A E N

When everything feels empty. and every shred of hope has been lost
. Don't Fear the end, Death is only a figmant of your imagination
We grasp this mortal coil as if it is the be all end all
As if its the only chance we get. There is nothing when we arn't here.
There is something when we leave
a light, a feeling of pleasure, of Nostalgia, of love
of hope, of dreams, of pure happiness. The feeling of letting go
and ascending into a higher state of mind in witch nothing can harm you
and in witch you have no desire for being alive
Death is a beautiful thing. Embrace death as you would life
In life is love
in love is pain
in pain is loss
in loss is death
In death